Taptap Heroes Tier List – Best Heroes In The Game

Taptap Heroes is an idle RPG game, combined with tap functions. This unique role-playing game has lots of heroes to choose from. Selecting the best heroes of the game can be confusing at first. That’s why we will guide you in Taptap Heroes Tier List so you’ll know who to use and choose to get the best result when playing this game.

Taptap Heroes Tier List – Best 10 Star Heroes

Tatap Heroes Tier List


Undoubtedly, the best hero in this game that makes him the first candidate for our Taptap Heroes Tier List. The attack score of this hero is quite high compared to other Taptap characters. This hero can also stun his foes whenever he revives from death. He also has a passive ability called “Flame Ambition” that can burn his enemies while also reducing the defense rating by 10. All enemies inflicted by it will also take an additional 40 percent damage from any attack that you make. Additionally, he has immunity on burn status. This makes him the best Taptap Hero.


Without a doubt, Valkyrie is our second best Taptap Hero. This hero is a warrior class that is very useful and perfect for your party. If you want a healer that can reduce the attack rating of your enemy, she’s your option. Letting her into the frontline is the best strategy for her.


This hero is our third candidate for our Taptap Heroes Tier List. His faction is heaven and his class is Assassin. This guy is definitely fast and has the ability to stun his opponent. He also has the immunity for stun which makes him really good when using him for PVP.


Another great character for this game is Mars. This guy can dish out a lot of damage to your enemies. He can also stun his opponents. Good hero overall.

Shudde M’ell

An undead cleric hero that can heal and damage a lot because of the very high value of the attack. Due to her area of effect silence skill, this makes her one of the best Taptap heroes. Her speed advantage is also very high which is quite useful in battles.


This hero is another cleric which can leash out a lot of damage to her enemies. Being cleric means that she can also heal your party members. She can also counter other clerics because of her stun abilities. She can also cast silence when her HP drops to 50 percent. She’s another very good hero for your party.


This Hero is another good one worth mentioning in our Taptap Hero Tier List. She has good damage output with a great overall status. Another nice skill that she has is the petrification for 2 turns. Pairing her with Hester, Freya or MK will dramatically increase her chance to petrify her enemies. This hero is good however, her survivability percentage is not that high.


Freya is one of the fastest characters in this game. Her damage output is also nice. Using her in PVP can be a great advantage since she can steal the energy of her foes, and her basic attack can cause petrification. This hero can also use an area of effect skills that can harm multiple enemies.


If you want a great tank then this hero is one of the best in this game. This hero can heal a small amount and absorb lots of damage. Even if her main use is tanking damage, her attack output is also good.

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She’s an elven hero that can also a good tank option due to her damage reduction skills. This hero can hit everyone using only her basic attacks. Her critical hit and damage are also very high. She is also a good character in PVP because of her silence, speed and crowd control skills.

Monkey King

Another good addition to your team is the Monkey King. He can revive and dish out a lot of damage to his enemies. This hero also has a reflect damage. Overall, a good hero for PVP.


The class of this hero is cleric, which means he has a heal skill right? Nope, instead, he can buff his allies while also debuffing his foes. Even though this guy has no heal, he can be a tank since this hero has a decent amount of HP. Using him in PVP is the best option for him.


This hero is one of the characters in this game that has a lot of attack power. She can do a huge amount of damage that increases when fighting her enemies. The only problem is her HP. She’ll die after a few hits so it’s best if you pair her with other supportive heroes.


Scarlet can deal with an insane amount of damage output. However, you need to keep her alive for three turns before she can use it. This hero is slow, to compensate for it, pairing her with a supportive hero is recommended.


If you don’t have a tank yet, this hero is a good option for you. Her main strengths rely heavily on her ability to dodge an attack of her opponents. If the dodge was successful, the enemies won’t be able to replenish their energy.


An undead assassin hero that has a good damage output. He can also use healing to himself so he won’t die easily. Overall, this hero is recommended.


Another good option for the front line is Vegvisir. He can be a tank due to his survivability using the “Willpower Awakening”. He is also good when you put him at the back. This guy can also freeze his enemies.

Blood Tooth

This hero’s attack increases upon fighting the enemies. He has a skill that can drain the enemy’s life force to replenish his own health. Overall, he’s a good hero but his attack power is not comparable to others.

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This is our Taptap Heroes Tier List of characters that we think the best in the game. In case you want to ask some questions, you can leave us a comment below.


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