Skylanders: Ring of Heroes Tier List – Best Characters in the Game

This time we will be talking about Skylanders: Ring of Heroes Tier List. The listing will be based on the experiences of players. We hope that this guide will help you find the best character to build your team. Let us proceed to Skylanders: Ring of Heroes Tier List.

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes Tier List – Everything You Need to Know

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes

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The was released in the 1st Quarter of 2019 by Com2Us of Summoners War. Skylanders: Ring of Heroes is an RPG turn-based game created for mobile devices. There are several characters in the game and each character excels in a different way. For Beginners, the game could a little difficult and this is exactly why we provide this guide for you.

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes Tier List – Best Tier 1 Characters


This Character can be acquired by farming in the 6th world. He is a good character due to his endurance and you will be needing 3 stars to unlock him. His remarkable skill is Dynamite Toss – a stick of dynamite is thrown to the enemy and will explode for 6 consecutive turns. Another important skill is Troll Smash – this skill lets him smash the ground and deal damage to the enemies.


One of the top tier characters in the game but unfortunately you cannot farm this character in adventure mode. The reason why he’s on the top list was due to his attacking status and superb HP. Astroblast skills are Starsault – increases the accuracy of his team by 20% after kicking the enemy, Solar Flare – a concentrated beam of sunlight that is fired to the enemies.


This character can be farmed in the 3rd world in the adventure stage. He requires 2 stars to be acquired. Ka-boom has a good endurance that makes him one of the best tier 1 list characters. His main skill is Cannon Jump – he cast an explosion on the enemies by jumping into them for 5 turns. Another notable skill is Traptanium Cannonballs – throwing cannonballs to the enemies and it decreases it ATK for 1 turn.

Knight Mare

For you acquire Knight Mare you will be needing 5 stars. He is a supporting character with decent attacking power and good defensive abilities. His skills are Traptanium Flamberge – he walks to the enemy and slashes them using a sword. Another weapon that he uses is the Shadow Spear – where he rushes to the enemy and slash them. Another remarkable ability is his Honor of the Knight, this ability lets him heal his allies an once upon defeating the enemy. 

Best Skylanders: Ring of Heroes Character Tier List – Tier 2 Characters


He is a quick character that uses a sword that has a mystic power. Ambush can easily roam the battlefield and erupt bamboo shoot behind him. He can also summon shard bamboo trees to blast around him. His primary ability is Whack Attack, then secondary is Splintering Punch that knockback his enemies and jump into them.

Blast Zone

His personality is being a friendly character that always puts his friends to safety. As a background, he is a part of Skylanders’ bomb squad specialized in disarming and removing bombs planted by trolls. Blast Zone’s ability is Bomb Throw – lets him throw bombs to the enemies and deal decent damage. His Soul Gem Ability is Bomb Party – this ability allows him to throw 2 bombs to his enemies at once.

Chain Reaction

He is a humanoid covered in metallic gold with a beard that is made of chainsaw teeth. He is a humble and noble character when he is around with others and does not brad much about himself. His Primary ability is Chainsaw Combo – is you press attack 1 it will slash the enemy once, try pressing attack 3 times for Chainsaw Combo. Another ability is Summon Invention – he summons an invention then it quickly attacks with energy. All Chain Reaction’s Energy will be used in this ability.


She gained powers of Undead element and able to use breathing dark electricity due to Malefor’s corruption. Her abilities are Spectral Lightning – inflicts decent damage to the enemies by bolts of lightning. Another known ability is Shadow Dash – she dashes towards the enemy in the form of shadow and summons ghost that attacks the enemies. Cynder Soul Gem Ability is Haunted Ally – she summons a ghost that travel with her and attack nearby enemies.

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes Tier List – Tier 3 Best Characters


She the niece of Master Eon and she keeps her identity a secret so that she could avoid any harm. She wanted to be a Skylander when she grows up but his Master did not allow it. Her abilities are Double Sword strike. This ability needs to be press thrice to complete a dual sword strike combo. Her Flash Dash lets her dash to the enemy and flip. Aurora Soul Gem Ability is Eon’s Power – increase her damage significantly together with her armor.


She is the best fitness instructor of Skyland and possess super strength. Her vision in life is having a healthy diet and regular exercise will lead to real happiness. Barbella uses a boulder barbell that she uses to hit the enemies with great damage. Her abilities are Barbell Smash and Rocky Rep. Barbell Smash let her smash the enemies using her Boulder Barbell. And Rocky Rep creates stone has to push the enemies towards her. Taken for Granite is her Soul Gem Ability, this is a buff ability that reduces the damage she takes.


He is a black dragon that shows bravery and compassion to others. Blackout was recruited to a Dragon Clan called Dark Stygian who creates a nightmare for evil creatures. His ability includes Wing Whip – an ability that attacks the enemy with a combo. Shadow Orb – this ability leaves the darkness behind with energy shockwave. His Soul Gem Ability is Supernova Black Hole – summons 2 black holes to make 1 black hole and create a supernova.

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There’s a lot of characters to choose from the game. But this guide will help you easily determined who are the best of them. And this wraps up our Skylanders: Ring of Heroes Tier List. We hope that this article helps you in playing the game. For any questions, kindly leave us a comment down below.

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