Overhit Tier List – Best Characters In The Game

In this article, we will discuss the information about the Overhit Tier List. Overhit is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that was published by Nexon. The story of this game is engaging and can be addicting. It also features good graphics that will surely captivate you. Recently, this game began to explode and become one of the most popular mobile RPG game. To download this game, you can simply go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Overhit features a lot of different heroes who have unique powers and abilities. Trying and testing each character can consume a lot of your time. That’s why we will guide you in our Overhit tier list to form the best party and to help you complete this game. Keep in mind that our list is based on our own opinion when playing this game.

Overhit Tier List – Character Classes In The Game

Overhit Tier List – Best Characters In The Game

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Like traditional RPG games, Overhit has different classes. The first one is combat. This class is your main damage dealer which are divided by sub-categories:

Traditional DPS

Characters from this class are good at dealing damage to the enemies. They are a range or melee characters that can deal good damage to multiple or single target enemies.

Status Effect Combo DPS

These characters can do lots of damage to their opponents if the skill requires the enemies to have a negative status effect before you hit them with that skill.

Damage Over Time DPS

These heroes may not deal a lot of damage, but they can deliver status effect such as burn or poison that will zip out the health of the enemies inflicted by it.


These characters are also known as Tank. They have lots of health and high defense. They can sacrifice themselves and provide protection to your teammates. Most of these classes have a defensive buff for your party and are able to heal themselves.


Heroes from this class were able to heal the wounds of your allies. They can also cast a buff that will provide barriers to your team, cast a resurrection spell to revive a fallen party member and support the party by increasing their stats temporarily.


A class of Overhit that can be used in fortification of characters. This will sacrifice the character but will give your desired hero to gain a lot of experience points.

Light of Talent

These characters are mostly used to increase the maximum level of a duplicated hero.

Rarity of Characters

The characters from this game are divided into five categories: N, S, SR, SSR, and UR. You should focus on getting the characters with SSR, and UR because they are the rarest one. Technically, they are also the most capable and strongest heroes.

Character Grade

Characters grade are divided into five levels. D, C, B, A, and S where D is the weakest and S grade are the strongest.

Overhit Tier List – Best UR Characters In The Game


Anemone is one of the UR characters in the game. She can inflict blind against her opponents for twenty seconds with a fifty percent success rate. If you set her as the leader, your party members attack will increase by twenty percent.


This hero can do a lot of damage to her opponents. She can also inflict a bleeding status effect against her enemies. You will get a fifteen percent increase in attack if you set her as the leader of your party.

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Overhit Tier List – Best SSR Characters In The Game


Ash is one of the best SSR Characters in our Overhit Tier List. He can inflict burn that can cause damage over time for twenty seconds. He can also use a chain effect against poisoned enemies – this will is guaranteed to land a critical hit. Making him your party leader would grant your team members a twenty-five percent attack bonus.


The first one of her skills can inflict a chill status effect against her opponent, the success rate is thirty percent. Her second skill will deal additional damage if the enemies hit by it still affected by the chill. If she’s the leader, your team member’s physical attack will increase by twenty percent, the critical damage will also increase by 10 percent.


This character is one of the best support in our Overhit Tier List. She can cast a healing spell to her allies to restore their health. She can also cast a resurrection to revive her fallen party member. Another one of her skills is buff that will create a protective barrier to your allies for thirty seconds.


Hien is an SSR hero that has good damage overall. She can use a chain effect skills that will always land a critical hit. She can also debuff her opponents to reduce their attack power for 60 seconds.


He is one of the best heroes who can damage multiple opponents using his skills. Making him the leader of the party will grant your dark attribute allies a forty percent additional damage. Overall, he’s very good in both PVE and PVP.


A powerful support hero that can heal, increase defense and buff your party members. Your party will get a ten percent to resist rate if you set her to be the leader.


Demian is one of the best tank in this game. This hero has a skill that is able to heal himself. He can also use an area of effect skill that can inflict blindness for twenty seconds.


Ludmila is an SSR character that has decent AOE damage. Her skill can cause burning that will last for 20 seconds. Casting her skill against the enemies with the burn status effect will deal more damage.

Overhit Tier List – Best SR Characters In The Game


A pretty good hero that can deal a good amount of damage against enemies. He can also decrease the healing of his foes so this skill is useful in PVP. Overall, he is good during the early to mid of your game.


This hero can buff your allies to increase the defense for sixty seconds. He can also cast a few healing spells. Cicero is one of the best tank in Overhit during the early to mid of your game.


Your best SR support healer during the early game.

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There are some heroes in this game that are also good, but we listed only in our Overhit Tier List the best one that will surely help you progress the game. If you want to ask some question, write us a comment.

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