Marvel Future Fight Tier List – Best Character Tier List

The Marvel Future Fight is an action role-playing online game published by Netmarble. This is an engaging game and can be very addicting. It also features good graphics that will surely captivate your eyes. Recently, the game gains popularity and become one of the most downloaded mobile role-playing game. To download this game, simply open your Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Marvel Future Fight features a lot of different Marvel Superheroes and Villains that uses different skills and powers. Testing each character could consume a lot of your time. That’s why we create this guild to aid you in you Marvel Future Fight tier list from the best character and help you complete missions in this game. Please keep in mind that our list was based on our own opinion and experiences while playing the game.

There are several characters that you can use and play in this game. Here is our tier list to guide you.

Marvel Future Fight Tier List – Best  Characters in the GameMarvel Future Fight Tier List

Marvel Future Fight Character Tier List – Best S Heroes in the Game

Iron Man

One of the original 37 characters added to Marvel Future Fight on global release. Iron Man is a remarkable and well-known character in MCU and an original member of Avengers. Some skills are Precision Aim (unlock at 4 stars), Unibeam (unlocks at 3 stars), and the iconic Repulsor Blast (unlocks at 1 star). Overall, a very useful character and will help you accomplish several missions.


He can be accessible like the other world bosses. Thanos is a pure monster in every corner of the game. His skills are Cosmic Shift (unlocks at 3 stars), Titan Punch (unlocks at 1 star), Titan Beam (unlocks at 1 star), Cosmic Rain (unlocks at 5 stars) and many some passive skills.

Marvel Future Fight Superhero Tier List – Best A Characters in the Game


Magneto is a character that has DPS damage overtime, his skills are chains pretty much and be vigilant Magneto could not stand too much damage. Here is the list of his skills: Gravity Control (unlocks at 1 start), Magnetic Sphere (Unlocks at 1 star), Magnetokinesis (Unlocks at 3 stars), Magnetic Storm (Unlocks at 5 stars), and Magnetic Maelstrom (Unlocks at 6 stars).


Netmarble released him in a 3.4.5 mid-month patch. Apocalypse can be acquired from World Boss Mission and you’ll need 10 bios to unlock him. 2 days is required to get him at 1 star. Skills are Weapon of War (unlocks at 1 star), Emperor’s Hand (unlocks at 1 star), Impending Doom (unlocks at 3 stars), Fist of Judgement (unlocks at 5 stars), and Fear Fragment (unlocks at 6 stars). 

Marvel Future Fight Tier List – Best B Superheroes in the Game


As one of the new characters that have been released in the time of the game’s Global launch on April 30, 2015. The main approach of ranking him up will be through Biometrics Selectors and Rank up Tickets, which works on him together with Mastery Tickets and Tier-2 Tickets. Hulkbuster skills are Repulsor Smash (unlocks at 1 star), Hydraulic Boom (unlock at 1 star), Arc Reactor Burst (unlocks at 5 stars), and Barrage Strike (unlocks at 6 stars).


Nebula was farmable before from Special Missions, but now is acquirable by Dimension Rifts, in accompany with selectors and rank up tickets. She is a dangerous and lethal pirate; she is also formidable throughout the galaxy for her crimes. Her skills are Elegant Kick (unlocks at 1 star), Sudden Strike (unlocks at 1 star), Dagger Dance (unlocks at 5 stars), and Shooting Star (unlocks at 6 stars).

Marvel Future Fight Tier List – Best Class C pick in the Game

Odin Borson “All-Father”

His son is Thor and remains ageless and untouchable through the power of “Odinforce”. He costs like Thanos or twice the Black Order Character. Odin is a late-game type of character. Odin’s skills are King Slash (unlocks at 1 star), Odin Charge (unlocks at 1 star), Asgardian Barrier (unlocks at 3 stars), Odin’s Wrath (unlocks at 5 stars) and Odinforce (unlocks at 6 stars).


Falcon was one of the several characters that were included when the game launches. He can be farmed by 30 Biometric drops from story missions. He wears a suit that allows him to fly and a partner to Captain America and also an avenger himself. Falcon skills are Raptor Strafe (unlocks at 3 stars), Vertical Descent (unlocks at 1 star), Swoop (unlocks at 1 star), Sky High (unlocks at 5 stars), and Air Superiority (unlocks at 6 stars).

Marvel Future Fight Tier List – Favorite D Characters in the Game


He was farmable during the token event. Crossbones is a below-average character and street fighting won’t get him anywhere closer to World Bosses. Crossbones skills are Air Combo (unlocks at 3 stars), Gauntlet Punch (unlocks at 1 star), Hitman/Mercenary Slash (unlocks at 1 star), Specialist (unlocks at 5 stars), Air Strike (unlocks at 6 stars).

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There may be several other strong characters in the game, but those listed above were one of the best Marvel Future Fight characters you could use and invest your experience, most of all enjoy the game. If you have any questions, leave us a comment below.

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