King’s Raid Tier List – Best Heroes In The Game

King’s Raid is a side-scrolling mobile online RPG that was first released in Thailand. It was developed by Korean game developer – Vespa. The game features a huge list of characters that you can get. Like in other mobile RPG games, there are good and inferior characters. Because of this, you might only want to have the best characters in your team. That’s why we will show you our King’s Raid tier list that will help you to form your best party in the game.

King’s Raid Guide For Characters

King’s Raid Tier List – Best Heroes In The Game

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HeroClassificationPVEPVPWB: Mountain FortressWB: ProtianusWB: XanadusGuild Raid
ClauseTank (Protector, AsSlow)SSCBSBS
GlenwysTank (Protector)SSCBABA
JaneTank (Amp, Shred)SBSDAS
LomanTank (Amp, Cleanse, Shield)SSSCSSSS
NeraxisTank (Protector)SSBBBAA
PhillopTank (Shred, Amp)SADSSCS
SoniaTank (CC, Amp)AAASCA
ChaseDealer (Buffprevention)ASCSSBS
GauTank (CC, Cleanse, Buffer)AABADB
NailaSubdealer (Amp, CC)AADSAS
PriscillaSubdealer (Buffer, s2)AABAAA
SeriaDealer (Defpen, always crits)AAACSSB
Viska(Sub-)Dealer (CC, Amp, Shred)SASSDAA
EpisDealer (Main)SABDSS
ErzeDealer (AoE)SSADBBB
EzekielDealer (CC, Defpen)SAADSS
Gladi(Sub-)Dealer (Amp)ABDSAS
LaudiaDealer (Single Target)AASSDSS
MirianneDealer (Single Target)SSSDSS
NiaDealer (Defpen)AADSSA
Dimael(Sub-)Dealer (bit of everyth.)ASBDAA
LunaDealer (Main)SABDAA
RequinaSubdealer (Amp, Blockred.)SSSCSSS
AnnetteSupport (CC Immunity, Amp)SBSSSSSS
ChrishaSubdealer (Aoe Amp)SBSDSSS
KaraPut with Shea or RipAASSCAS
MiruruSubdealer (CC, AoE)SSSDSBA
ArtemiaDealer (AoE)SSBBDSSB
Lilia(Sub-)Dealer (Buffer)AACSBS
MariaSubdealer (CC, Amp)SSCDDC
Ophelia(Sub-)Dealer (Buffer, Burst)ASACAS
VeronicaSupport (Buffer, Amp)BDSSSB
FreySupport (Shield)SBABBA
JunoSupport (Cleanse, Dispel)SSASAA
LaiasSupport (Manabattery)SABABB
LuciasSupport (Anti P.Damage)ASBBCA
MaySupport (Buffer, Healer)BDSSSSS
MedianaSupport (Buffer, s3)SAASSAS
RephySupport (Cleanse, Healer)SSSBABA
SheaSupport (everything)ABAAAA


There are seven different classes in this game – The Knight, Warrior, Assassin, Archer, Mechanic, Wizard, and Priest. Each class is unique and has its own role. Knights are good for tanking damage, Warriors and Assassins are good for dealing damage, Archers and Mechanic can fight enemies at range, Wizards are good for an area of effect magic damage, and Priest are the support and healer.

King’s Raid Tier List – Best Knight Characters In The Game


Loman is one of the best knights in our King’s Raid tier list. One of his skills is called “Cut Ground” which can deal physical damage to his enemies and knocks them for about four seconds. This hero can also cast a shield to his allies that can absorb a lot of damage for about five seconds. While casting this buff, he can also remove the bad status effects of his party members. Overall, a very useful hero that will surely help you in this game.


If you want a character with very high defense, this hero won’t disappoint you. Neraxis is one of the best tank in King’s Raid. This character has two area of effect skills which can stun his opponents upon a successful hit. The first one is called “Black Lightning Claw” which can also reduce the attack speed of his enemies for 10 seconds. The second one is called “Breath of Destruction” which can reduce the magic defense by 20 percent for 15 seconds. He can also use “Obsidian Roar” that will increase the attack, physical defense and magic defense of his allies for 15 seconds. This character is very useful in either PVP or PVE. No doubt that he’s one of the best in our King’s Raid tier list characters.


This hero may look small but he’s a very capable one. He is considered as one of the best tank in King’s Raid. The best stat of this hero is physical defense. His skills include the “Headbutt” which can knock down and reduce the attack speed of his enemy for ten seconds. He can also use “Earth Incarnate” which can increase the physical and magic defense for 15 seconds while also recovering 15 percent of his HP.

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King’s Raid Tier List – Best Warrior Characters In The Game


This guy is one of the best warriors of King’s Raid. His attack deals a lot of damage to his enemies. One of his skills is the “Final Crash” upon using it, he will attack his enemies for sixteen times. Every time he lands a critical hit, his critical damage will also increase by 3 percent for 10 seconds. This character was also a crowd control skills. He can stun his opponent for 3 seconds by using the Lightning Explosion.


She is a demon who wants to raise her power by devouring her kind. She is one of the best warriors for our King’s Raid tier list. This hero has a skill that can heal herself and reduce the enemies attack rating by twenty-five percent. She can also dispel the buffs of her enemies while also dealing damage and knocking them down. Her skill called “I’ll Rip You To Pieces!!” can damage most of her enemies while also inflicting stun effect for 3 seconds.

King’s Raid Tier List – Best Assassin Characters In The Game


Don’t get fooled with her appearance, this deadly assassin is the maid of Sonia. She is an expert on using daggers. This character’s skill like ”Target Lock On” and “Restrain and Protect” can inflict stun to her foes. She’s also very good at taking down a single target enemy. Good in both PVP and PVE. The only problem is her lack of area of effect skills.


Ezekiel is one of the best assassins in King’s Raid. He can deal a huge amount of damage to his enemies when he’s on fury mode. To make him more effective, you need to invest a very good unique weapon for him. When he uses the skill called “Dawning Despair”, he can deal a lot of damage. His opponent will also receive a debuff that will reduce their attack speed by 300. His other skill called “Strike of Doom” is also powerful that can inflict stun for 3 seconds.

King’s Raid Tier List – Best Archer Characters In The Game


A merchant who sells every kind of poison in this game. Her weapon of choice is a blowpipe that can disable and poison her enemies. One of the advantages of this character is her low cooldown time which means you can use her skills more frequently. She is also effective at fighting a single target enemy.


A cute, deadly looking hero in King’s Raid. This character has a good area of effect skill called “Pew!” that deals a good amount of damage and will also hit the nearby enemies. She also has an advantage when fighting from afar, because her skill damage will increase the further her enemies.

King’s Raid Tier List – Best Mechanic Characters In The Game


We think that this hero is the best mechanic of our Kings Raid tier list. She is very effective in PVE, Raids and of course, PVP. When she gets transcendence 5, this hero can buff your allies increasing the attack power and attack speed. She can also use a healing skill that will also dispel the negative status effects of her party members.


Our second pick for the best mechanics of King’s Raid is Miruru. All of her skills are effective in fighting multiple enemies. Not only that, but some of her skills can also stun and knockback her opponents.

King’s Raid Tier List – Best Wizard Characters In The Game


Maria is a witch that has a lot of debuff and crowd control skills. Currently, she is our best wizard of King’s Raid tier list. This solid hero is also good at fighting against PVP and PVE.

King’s Raid Tier List – Best Priest Characters In The Game


He is the best priest in King’s Raid. An all in one character that can heal, dispel negative effects, and increase the damage output of your party members. This hero can be used anywhere in PVP, PVE, World Boss, Raid or anywhere! His only downside is the long casting time. Overall, a must-have character for your team.

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Now that we discuss in this article the King’s Raid tier list of best characters, we hope that you get the information you want to know. If you want to ask some questions, leave us a comment.


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