Epic Seven Tier List – Best Heroes In The Game

Epic Seven is one of the popular mobile game, that you can find and download in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This game has an amazing visual and graphics along with a classic 2D turn-based action gameplay. The game story is also very interesting that will surely get your attention.  Epic Seven is also highly optimized for fast loading times even if you set the graphics quality to high.

In our post here, we will cover the Epic Seven Tier List. We will guide you to select the best epic seven characters that you can use in this game. We will also cover the guide about rerolling so you’ll get the best or your desired character in the game.

Epic Seven Tier List – The Best Character List

Epic Seven Tier List - Best Heroes In The Game

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The cool thing about this game is the characters unique ability and their strengths. When you promote some of your low ranking characters, you’ll be surprised that some of them can still outperform their five-star counterparts. There is even some three or four-star hero that can beat a five-star hero.  Below we will show you our best 5-star epic seven characters.

NameRarityElementArena OffenseArena DefenseGuild War OffenseGuild War Defense
Krau5 StarsIceAS+A+S
Falconer Kluri3-starsEarthS+S+S+S+
Shadow Rose4-starsDarkA+ABA+
Crimson Armin4-starsLightAS+AA+
Assassin Cartuja4-starsDarkSSSS
Chaos Sect Axe3-starsDarkA+BA+A
Judge Kise5-starsLightS+SS+S
Martial Artist Ken5-starsDarkS+S+S+S+
Commander Lorina3-starsDarkA+ASS
Kitty Clarissa4-starsDarkAABA
Challenger Dominiel4-starsDarkSASA
Guider Aither4-starsLightABA+A+
Specter Tenebria5-starsDarkAAA+C
Assassin Coli4-starsDarkAAAA
Mascot Hazel3-starsFireA+SA+A
Ruele of Light5-starsLightAS+S+S+
Maid Chloe5-starsLightSS+BA
Watcher Schuri4-starsLightS+AS+S


Epic Seven Tier List Best Tank Characters In The Game


This Hero can effectively tank in both PVP and PVE. He has a lot of HP that makes him one of the best epic seven tank. He also has a buff skill for his allies that can increase their defense. He can also slow down the enemies offensive pressure. Overall, a very good tank unit in the game.

Falconer Kluri

Currently, we think that she is the best unit for the arena. She has lots of ability including an extra turn, a defense break and dispels that always hit her enemies. This character is also one of the fastest tank characters in epic seven.

Crimson Armin

A four-star hero with a light attribute element that is worth mentioning in our Epic Seven Tier List. She can make your team immune to damage for three turns. With this unique ability, that makes her one of the best tanks in epic seven.


Epic Seven Tier List Best Warrior Characters In The Game

Judge Kise

Judge Kise is one of the best warriors for PVP in epic seven. Building up her speed can have a very good advantage, since she has an ability that can delay her enemies skills for three turns, during her first turn in the game.


This Hero is a good candidate for our epic seven tier list of best warriors. He is currently the best Defense Breaker in epic seven. He can also stun his opponents. Overall, a very good option for your team.

Martial Artist Ken

If you want a character that both excel in offense and defense, Martial Artist Ken is your best one for this game. He can use an area of effect defense break skill that will hit all of your enemies. He’s also a very good damage dealer. While mainly a warrior,  this character can also tank because of his counter-attack and life steal ability.

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Epic Seven Tier List Best Thief Characters In The Game


This thief class character from epic seven works best when moving. If you use his S3 while moving, this will allow him to pick opponents with low health. If you also buff his attack and give him a Wind Rider artifact, his damage can scale for over 10k. Keep note that this is from AOE damage which will hit all of the enemies.


A five-star thief character with a fire element. This character can do amazing damage to his foes. He also has a reliable healing ability. Currently, he is our top DPS in our epic seven tier list.


This hero has a great area of effect DPS. He can even take down a team of tanks due to his damage. However, this guy’s health and defense are average only. Currently, this hero works best when you use him to farm or to hunt banshee.


Epic Seven Tier List Best Mage Characters In The Game


Her attack mainly focuses on an area of effect burn. Using this character against golem is a good option. She’s also an effective tank destroyer. In order to maximize her damage output, you need to debuff her enemies.


This character has a high base damage output. Using the artifact “Extra Debuff” is currently the best for him to maximize his debuff capabilities. The only downside using this character is the health and defense which is low compared to other mages.

Challenger Dominiel

She is a support mage that has amazing damage output. Her offensive skills are very impressive.  This hero can also buff to increase the critical hit chance of her allies. However, like other mages, she has low health and speed.

Epic Seven Tier List Best Healer Characters In The Game

Ruele of Light

Our epic seven tier list won’t be complete without her in the list. Ruele of Light is one of the best healer in epic seven when battling against the arena. She has an amazing support skill that can revive and give invincibility to her allies. This character is also very hard to kill when you pair her with other characters that can use revive, or pairing her with tanks. Overall, she’s a great character to have in PVP.


Another one of the best healer in epic seven is Destina. This healer can also tank damage because of her heal and a good amount of health. One of her skills is an area of effect debuff cleanser which can remove a negative status effect while also giving her allies a nice CR boost. The downside is her speed which is very slow.


This character is a good option for a healer in your team. She can cast heal with an invincibility buff to her allies. Another good thing about her is her base speed which is quite faster than other healers in this game. She can also use a debuff against her foes. Despite having an all-around good stats, she has no immunity against debuff and her health is low.


Rerolling Guide For Epic Seven

When you start the game and completed the first chapter, there will be a new feature that will let you summon heroes. Using it will allow you to reroll your character for up to 30 times. You should stop if you got some of the characters in our list. It will help you a lot to progress in the game by having them. Keep in mind that if you completed the 30 rolls, you won’t be able to reroll anymore. The only way is to create a new account and start again.

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Now that you know the best epic seven tier list of characters, you can find and choose the best character that suits your team. If you have any question, feel free to leave us a comment and we’ll be right back on you!

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