Dragalia Lost Tier List – Best Character in The Game

Is a role-playing game that was released in September 2018 developed by Cygames and published by Nintendo. Dragalia Lost is available at Google Play Store for Android and Apple App Store for IOS. With great gameplay and good graphics, it’s no wonder that the game become popular. Dragalia Lost Tier List will help guide you through the game and find an adventurer that will suit you.

Dragalia Lost Tier List – Everything you Need to Know

Dragalia Lost Tier List

This Tier List will be guiding you to the best Adventurers in the game. We will provide you some tips and recommendations to help you build a team and character guide.

Dragalia Lost Tier List – S+ Character in the Game

Gala Cleo – Supreme Sorcerer

Upon discovering an ancient staff, she achieves new skill and powers that takes her to the vanguard.  She demonstrates a great offensive and defensive character that are unmatched. She also boosts the team’s DPS while dealing with heavy damage to the enemies at the same time.


  • Ancient Ray – this skill has 3 levels and each level increases its damage at the number it hits the enemy. This skill hits the multiple enemies several times depending on the skill phase and if there is only 1 enemy, it will shoulder multiple hits.
  • Faith of the Elder – this skill reduces enemy defense in a certain percentage depending on skill level. This skill also targets multiple enemies at once.

Dragalia Lost Best S Character Tier List

Mikoto – Nature’s Avatar

He is an expert sword user with great attack speed and incredibly high strength. Mikoto can hit hard and thanks to his sword he gains a lot of mobility. His weapon is well balanced for hitting one enemy thus this him a good reach and lets his slice at the wide radius. He also has a quick sp charge and Mikoto has stun resistance. But keep in mind that he lacks defensive skill and tankiness. So, he will be relying on other characters for bait and he’ll attack or heal him up.


  • Ravenous Fire – this skill gives off 431% flame damage to enemies and activates “Flame Stance” that last for 20secs. It increases strength by 10% and connects to Ravenous Fire (Flare).
    1. Ravenous Fire (Flare) – 3 hits to the enemy with 287%. 15% strength is gained and the user can access the Ravenous Fire (Ruin).
    2. Ravenous Fire (Ruin) – 3 hits with 173% damage.
  • Kindled Heart – Simply boosts the attack rate of the user by 15% for 10 seconds. 


Fjorm – Princess of Ice

One of the Princess of Kingdom of Ice Nifl. Fjorm flees her counter after being conquered and there she met Alfonse.  She has the capability to deal massive damage with Ice Mirror and froze her enemies to death. Fjorm is a big help for the party as she can inflict heavy damage, she also has a powerful buff. For 15 seconds strength is increased by 30% and 40% increase in defense. Be wary that for Fjorm to be effective, she must have a low HP.


  • Frigid Smash – 373% water damage upon hitting the enemy directly with 2 hits.
  • Ice Mirror – Deals 746% water damage with 1 hit to the target and nearby enemies. Another plus is that neutral-element enemies will take equal to 1100% damage in part of the Ice Mirror while active.

Best A+ Character – Dragalia Tier List

Odetta – Wanderlust Incarnate

She is a new world traveler and has a forward-thinking attitude of always moving forward. Odetta is a light sword adventurer but this doesn’t mean that she cannot do much damage. This is due to her being on the more supportive role but keep in mind that her damage is more than enough for her to be in the top tier. Overall, she is an all-around adventurer, a good damager and a medic.


  • Liberty Slash – it deals with light damage in a straight line of enemies with 2 hits.
  • Freedom Ring – Increases the user and surrounding allies’ strength by 10% in 15 seconds. And restores HP for about 52%.

Yaten – Wandering Festival Planner

He left his hometown to grind his craft and also loves napping. Yaten brought joy to several lonely towns due to his devotion to festivals. His skills can deal tremendous damage when his energy is at full, he can release an improved version of Festival Rush. And also, an additional buff that increases his STR by 40%.


  • Festival Rush – Hits the enemies with shadow damage 4 times and increases his energy by 1 stage. Remember that if Yaten is Fully energized, he can unleash an enhanced version of Festival Rush.
  • Bold Blade – Team’s energy will be increased by 1 stage. 


Verica – Guiding Seer

She is a pretty fortune-teller with the ability to foresee the future. A strong-willed adventurer that believes she has a role to fight against fate. She alone can support the whole team due to her regeneration and single targeted heals. Time’s Respite produces a 225% healing power. Additional to her healing skill in an anti-Stun Skill called Blessings of Destiny that removes Stun.


  • Blessing of Destiny – this skill can restore 31% to all allies then continue healing for 15 seconds with 25% recovery in every 2.9 seconds.
  • Time’s Respite – this is a single targeted healing skill. It recovers 225% HP.

Best A Adventurer – Dragalia Tier List

Naveed – Suave Lithomancer

He is a young traveler from a foreign land and a proficient student of swords. He uses gems that have mana. Naveed has High Skill uptime meaning that he can use his skill in a longer period of time. Thanks to his skill that has low cost for SP. Be reminded that Radiant Bauble takes time to reach its full potential.


  • Crystalline Blades – Dealing a huge amount of damage to the enemies 4 times and shoot 3 more flame blades.
  • Radiant Bauble – This is a buff skill that increases the user’s defense by 10% for 10 seconds. This skill also enhances Crystalline Blades. 

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This a quick review of the game Dragalia Lost. The Dragalia Lost Tier List could help you choose the right adventurer we think that will help you excel in the game. Be always reminded of the strengths and their weaknesses for you to be prepared. If you have any questions, please comment us below.

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