Destiny Child Tier List – The Game’s Best Characters

Playing along with every character to find out which one is the best can be a daunting task. Especially if the game has a huge set of heroes to choose from. But worry not, we will guide you here to find out the Destiny Child tier list of characters.

Keep in mind that this game also varies on your playstyle. So even if you have the best destiny child characters, your strategy plays a vital role in here. You also need to understand that each character in this game has a different strength and weaknesses. Below are the best characters of destiny child, keep note that this is our own opinion that we test when playing this game.

Destiny Child Tier List – The Best Characters in the Game

Destiny Child Tier List – The Game’s Best Characters

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Destiny Child game is divided into 5 different classes:

  • Attackers
  • Buffers
  • Healers
  • Debuffers
  • Tanks
Daoine SidheDefenderFire564
Lan FeiDebufferDark589
Snow MikuHealerWater576


There may be other good characters in this game, however, upon trying and testing all the characters, the above listed was the best destiny child characters that we ever can find.


Destiny Child Tier List – Best Attackers in the Game


The first one of our destiny child tier list is Eve. This character is a water user beast, we think that she’s the best attacker in Destiny Child. She is very effective at anything, be it on PVP, PVE, Raids or even World Boss. She’s also a great candidate for a leader to get a nice additional 10 percent drive skill damage for her water type allies. Overall, this character is highly recommended.


Our second candidate for the best attacker is none other than Frej. The element he’s using is a dark type. He is also a really good attacker that can obliterate his enemies. He is also a good leader choice due to his leader buffs.


Our third choice for the best attacker in destiny child is Elysion. She’s also a water type user. Though her rarity is 4 star which is much easier to get, she can beat some of the 5-star tier heroes because she’s very useful in many situations. She is comparable to Eve due to her very powerful attacks, another great attacker indeed.


This character has a four-star rarity, which means you can get her more easily. Like Frej, she is a dark type user that can inflict high damage output. She also has a skill that can cause a bleeding status effect which is quite nice for additional damage.


Destiny Child Tier List – Best Buffers in the Game


She is our best option for the best buffer in destiny child. The skill that makes her incomparable to others is having the ability to fully charge her party member’s skill gauge. Not only that but also having a water element means she’s compatible with Eve.


A four-star character whose second to the best buffer in this game. Her attribute element is light. She’s a must have in your party during the World Boss since she can heal her allies. Even if her main role is buffer, this character is also a great option for one of the best healer in destiny child.


Our other option for the best buffer is Pantheon, this guy can buff your allies to increase the critical rate for 40 percent and also increase the critical damage for 30 percent.

Destiny Child Tier List – Best Healers in the Game


If you are looking for the best healer in destiny child, Maat is the best option. She is very useful in PVE, Raids, and World Boss. She has a skill that can revive 1 ally while also giving 3 of her allies a regen buff for 15 seconds. As of now, she is the only character in the game that can revive a fallen child.


She’s a wood attribute healer, that is a great option when you are looking for the best healer in this game.  Her character skills are mostly regeneration. Her rarity is five stars.


Another option for the best healer is Selene. Like Syrinx, she’s has a wood attribute element and her main role is healing her allies, though her rarity is only four stars. Regeneration is her skill mainly that makes her a good choice for a healer.


Destiny Child Tier List – Best Debuffers in the Game


If you want a debuffer that can reduce the attack rating of enemies, then Persephone is your choice. She is currently the best debuffer in destiny child. Using her “Invitation from Death” skill will reduce the enemies attack by 800 for 12 seconds. The foes will also suffer from the defense -3% after getting hit by this skill. Making her the leader of your party will reduce the attack by 10%  automatically.


This character is the opposite of Persephone, which means he can reduce the defense of his enemies instead of the attack. He can be quite useful if you pair him with a good attacker to boost your offensive damage. This guy can also inflict a bleeding effect for 14 seconds upon hitting the enemy with his skill.


Destiny Child Tier List – Best Tanks in the Game


Her attribute is light and is currently the best tank in destiny child that we ever tried. When using the skill “Saint’s Blessings”, she will damage her opponent for 578 damage while also giving her allies a good 35 percent boost to their defense for 14 seconds. The rarity of this hero is five stars.


This 5-star rarity hero has a water attribute element. She can cast a regen for herself and grants her allies a protective barrier that can absorb 1200 damage for 14 seconds. If you make her the leader, you get the Defense +10 percent boost for water type allies.

Daoine Sidhe

The element she’s using is fire. We also think that this character is very good when fighting in Raids and World Boss. Like other tanks, she can shield your allies. Overall, she’s a good option for a tank in your party.


Reroll Guide for Destiny Child

To reroll in your Destiny Child game, follow the following steps here:

  • Log in your credentials to your google account.
  • In order to get a five-star character, follow the step by step game tutorial until you reach the summons.
  • Open the Google Play Games and select the settings.
  • Select the menu and tap settings.
  • Delete your Profile Here
  • Once you delete it, go to the destiny child game again.

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Now that we have given the information about Destiny Child Tier List, you can find and select your favorite character. You can also use our rerolling guide to find which character do you want. If you have any questions, leave us a comment below.

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