Brawlhalla Tier List – Best Characters In The Game

Brawlhalla is a fighting game from Ubisoft that you can play on Mac, Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. This game is almost similar to the popular game “Super Smash Bros.”. There are also a lot of playable characters that you can choose in this game.

In this article, we will discuss the Brawlhalla Tier List of characters that can help you win in this game. Note that this is based only on our own opinion upon trying and playing it. Since this is a fighting game, your skills and play style depends heavily on it to win the fight. So even if you are using one of the best brawlhalla characters, you can still lose if you can’t use them properly.

Brawlhalla Tier List – S Tier Character List

Brawlhalla Tier List – Best Characters In The Game

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She is a deadly hunter that enemies need to stay away from. This hero is a great user of bow and blasters. Her speed and dexterity excel but overall, her status is well balanced. Overall, this character is a very good one.

Wu Shang

This hero is a wandering monk from this game. He is worth mentioning in our brawlhalla tier list due to well-balanced and good overall status. Whenever you see him to use his signature moves, you will notice that most of this were color yellow. That is because he is a user of a technique called the Fist of Fire.


Another good character in this game is Nix. This hero is very agile and has a cool signature moves. She is a user of Scythe and Blasters. Her only downside is her strength which is not very high.


Mordex is another good fighter in this game. He is a lycanthrope that a user of scythe and gauntlet. His strength and agility is very good which is expected because he is a werewolf. However, his dexterity is not really good.


She is one of the best characters in brawlhalla. Her signature moves are also cool. This character is a user of spear and blasters. Her main advantage is her speed and dexterity. However, her defense is low.


The other S rank character in our brawlhalla tier list is Thor. He is popular and known as the God of Thunder. This guy’s weapon is Hammer and Orb. His main stat is strength and defense. The speed is also average while his dexterity is low.


This guy is also on our list because of his very great speed. His main weapons are Katar and Blaster. However, to compensate for his great speed advantage, he has the lowest strength in all of brawlhalla’s hero.


Another character in brawlhalla that has a speed advantage is Val. Like Lucien, she has a really high-speed stat. She uses a Gauntlet and Sword as her weapons. Like most character with great speed advantage, her strength is low.


This character is a witch that uses a scythe and orbs as her main weapons. Her strength and speed are high however her defense and dexterity is low.


He is a playable samurai in this game. This hero can use a bow and sword to fight his foes. His dexterity stat is quite high. The downside of using him is he can’t fight effectively against the foe using blasters. But perhaps if you keep on using him, you can master his moves.

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Brawlhalla Tier List – A Tier Character List


In our brawlhalla tier list, Sidra is one of them. She is a good character with balanced speed, strength, and defense. She uses a cannon and sword as her weapons in this game.


This hero is a powerful one that has high strength and dexterity. Her weapons are spear and scythe. Overall, a good character with good stat but lacking defense.

Sir Roland

Sir Roland is another good character in this game with a very high defense rating and average strength. His main weapons are lance and sword. The only problem is the speed which is very low.


A female elven archer and a lost cousin of Legolas. Her weapons are bow and katar. This hero has good speed, strength, and dexterity. However, she’s squishy because of her low defense rating.


This dragon character from brawlhalla has a well-balanced stat. He uses a katar and axe to fight his enemies. Overall, a good character to choose from.


This cowgirl character has a very high dexterity and strength as well. However, her defense and speed are lacking. Her weapons are blaster and hammer.


Another playable character from brawlhalla is Zariel. This character has high strength and defense. However, dexterity and speed are not that high. His weapons are gauntlet and bow.


This character has an average stat but with high strength. His moves are quite slow, however, he is quite powerful. This character uses a blaster and gauntlet to fight his opponents.


She is a Valkyrie from this game. Brynn strength, dexterity, and defense are balanced. Her highest stat is her speed which is high and she wields weapons like ax and spear.


Kaya is another playable character from this game. She is the daughter of Kiviuk. Her main weapons are spear and bow. The stat of this character has a high speed and defense. However, her strength and dexterity are below average.


This hero is a stone golem. If you reversed his name, you’ll see that it was derived from the rock which makes sense. His defense stat is very high and strength is second to it. Being a stone will most likely result of being heavy that’s why his speed is below average. He is a user of gauntlet and hammer.


Another guy from our brawlhalla tier list with a high defense rating is Ulgrim. This guy has also an above-average strength. The only downside is dexterity which is very low. Axe and lance are the weapons of his choice.

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There might be other heroes that are also good in this game. However, we think that the brawlhalla tier list that we provide here is the best one. Remember that to win effectively in this game, you need to practice the character of your choice. If you have a suggestion, feel free to share it to us, you can also leave us a comment if you want to ask any question-related in this game.

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