Another Eden Tier List – Best Characters in the Game

Role-playing displays an extreme challenge for gamers. Another Eden is no excuse from other usual RPG’s. Character enhancement, getting the right equipment and polishing your character would take a lot of time to acquire. In this article, we will be guiding you to Another Eden Tier List with the best characters in the game and some tips that could help in the game. Be advise what we provided was based on our experiences and understanding of the game.

Another Eden Tier List: Important Details you Need to Know


Another Eden Tier List

We will be introducing the Another Eden Tier List. The finest heroes accessible in the game, therefore you would know where to start and focus.

Another Eden Tier List – Best Attacker in the Game


Her skills are Dark Thrust an AoE piercing attack that inflicts poison on all enemies. Demonic Thrust does more damage and superb for controlling mobs. Dragon Assault is another remarkable wind elemental AOE piercing attack that hits every enemy twice and adds up a little to load up the team’s Another Force meter.


Mighty is a water elemental character and his attack type is blunt. Many of us love his original form and he has prevailing sleep-inducing skills; He is a bit of complicated character but has a tremendous damage-dealing capability. His unique skill is meditation a self-buffing skill that puts him into sleep and loses 1 turn. His HP and MP will be restored and increases intelligence by 50% for 3 consecutive turns. A risky skill to activate as Mighty need to wake up on his own, hence keep in mind that 50% buff is a highly damage-dealing skill. Another admirable skill is Hypnoblizzard for it fires 3 to 5 water element attacks on random enemies and against mobs. It could hit anyone and inflict immense damage to fire elemental enemies but could be alarming against single enemies like bosses.


A lot of characters were wind-based elements, but no one comes close to Azami. Besides having a lot of skills that can diminish her enemy’s wind resistance by certain percentages. She also has skills that can deal with great attacks which is great. Her Valor Chant is very effective against int-based enemies for it drops their intelligence by up to 25% and it’s a huge amount of int to lose. When it comes to bosses, she could be a great character to have especially to earth-based enemies.


This character does not reply on fire elemental attacks and blunt attacks. What makes him one of the top damagers are the skills that make him stronger the next time he attacks. Shock Flame is an AoE Attack that comes with a stunning effect, can be useful against enemies.

Best Support -Another Eden Tier List


We could say that she is one of people’s favorite character for she has skills that could help you accomplish all kinds of challenges. Mariel has healing and buff skills that you want to in your party in the game. Her healing skill is called Healing Aroma. This skill not just restores a medium amount of HP but a large number of HP that continue up to 3 turns. Another remarkable skill is to Refresh Leap. A buff skill that boosts the speed of all party members by 15% and removes any negative buff or status any ally had. For defense, she could us Aurora Force to increase the resistance of the whole party by 50% for 2 turns. We may say that this character is the best support character in Another Eden due to her set of skills.


Compared to Mariel, she has a mix of supportive skills and offensive skills. Yuna’s worth in the whole party relies on her significant debuff skills like Vigorous Charm that reduces the enemies’ strength and physical resistance by 15% for 3 consecutive turns and Malign Expulsion decline enemies’ intelligence together with their resistance for about 15%. Another supportive buff that she has is Divine Utterance which boosts power and intelligence of the whole party by 25%. Overall it will be a good combination for Yuna and Mariel to have them both at a party.


When it comes to defense against enemies’ physical attack, she is an expert as having the set of skills that boosts the physical resistance of the whole party while on the other hand reduces her enemies. She could be admirable in damage-dealing and Healing the party in case there is no other healer. Myrus Rock spread is an AoE earth-based attack skill and her other notable skills are a focus on single target. Beastly Impact that deals a massive earth-based skill but on a single target enemy only and reduces its physical resistance by 20% for 2 consecutive turns. Her Valor Chant is great for it boosts the physical resistance of the whole party by 30% and increases their intelligence by 30%.


She is a water element-based character and a piercing attack type. The bow is her weapon that makes her a good candidate to be an attacker due to her enough decent damage output. In comparison to other top damage-dealers. Her worth comes from her abilities to debuff enemies after hitting them. Like, for example, the Aiming Flood that is a water-based piercing AoE attack that reduces the enemies’ power for about 20%. Another notable skill is Dragon shot. It implies enough damage on 1 target and lowers its physical resistance by 15% with poison. Last notable skill is Dragon Music which is much more powerful than Dragon shot. It implies great damage and losses 20% in the enemy’s physical resistance. Her Valor Chant is to apply a 20% reduction to enemy’s power and physical resistance for 1 turn which is the least valuable skill of her.

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There are a lot of different characters in the game, and this is a quick guide for people who are looking for Another Eden Tier List. This review is based on our experiences and we hope that this will help you in playing the game. Invest to the right character and equipment, find the right combination in every challenge for this will help you finish your mission fast. If you have any questions, please comment on us below.

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