AFK Arena Tier List – The Game’s Best Heroes 2019

AFK Arena has a huge list of characters, like in every game, not all heroes were created equal. Some are good, there are somewhat okay, and of course, the worst one. You probably don’t want the bad ones in your party. Knowing the AFK Arena best heroes in the game will increase your chance and almost guarantee that you’ll win in every fight, such as the arena of heroes, king’s tower, arcane of the labyrinth, campaign and many more.

If you are wondering who’s the best AFK Arena heroes, you’ve come in the right place. We will show you the AFK Arena Tier List of heroes to help you progress and win the PVP or PVE. Keep in mind that this is based on our own opinion that we experienced when playing this game. The right strategy of your heroes also plays a vital role to win in this game.

AFK Arena Tier List – Best SS Tier Heroes

AFK Arena Tier List

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He is undoubtedly one of the best heroes in AFK Arena. He got the ability called “Last Grasp”, which makes him invisible for about 8 seconds after being hit with a fatal blow. Though he can only use it once, this ability can turn the tide and life saver. His other great skill called “Brutal Defiance” is also very useful. This skill can make him a great damage dealer once his health becomes really low. His damage will increase by 100 percent while also increasing his movement speed by 25 percent. In order to get this hero, but prepare to burn tons of your diamonds if you want to get this hero. Luckily, you can get him after you finished chapter 14.


A Graveborn character which is another one of the best heroes in the game. Her damage output may not be that strong, but she has a very useful life steal skills. This makes her a versatile mage that you can put her at the back or even frontlines since she can heal herself. If you are planning to get her, I suggest you save your labyrinth coins, since you can purchase this hero from the Labyrinth shop.


This AFK Arena Tier List guide won’t be complete without including her. She’s has a very good crowd control skills that can make all of her enemies fall asleep for around 5 seconds. Another one of her crowd control skill is called “Banishment” that makes the strongest enemy freeze for about 4 seconds, though in this state the enemy also cannot be attacked. When the opponent attacks her, she can use the teleport skill to get behind the ally or the enemies. Her other skill called “Dream Spirit” is somewhat useful that can heal her ally and damage her foes. Overall, this supportive hero is very good, the only thing that makes her bad is when you use her to fight guild bosses – they are immune to crowd control skills.


If you are looking for the best healer in AFK arena, she’s is the best one for you, hands down. Her healing skills can turn the table in any kind of battle you engaged. Not only that, but she also has another skill that can make your enemies attack their own for a short time. Overall, she is a very good supportive hero in this game.


Do you want a tank that can heal and protect your allies? Then he is your best tank in AFK arena. Lucius got the best defensive skill in AFK arena called “Heaven’s Protection”. When he uses this skill, a protective barrier will be summoned to him and all of his party members. Using him on the frontlines is highly recommended since he can also use another skill called “Blessed Shield” to greatly increase his defense. This makes him a very good tank in the game.


A celestial hero, which is incredibly rare to get without spending money, unless you’re very lucky to get her using only your free diamonds. This hero will also count as a hero from any faction, so you’ll get the bonus by having her in your party. Almost all her skills are offensive, she even got a “Purging Frenzy” skill which can stun her opponent for 2 to 3 seconds. You can expect this hero to wreak havoc into your enemies. We also think that she is the best damage dealer in AFK arena.


He is the very first hero created from the Hypogean faction. Unfortunately, like Athalia, this hero is very hard to get unless you’re lucky. This hero is really useful in your party since he got a crowd control skill called “Feeble Mind”. This skill will make your farthest opponent walk towards him, and once the opponent reaches him, Ezizh will deal an additional 230 percent damage on that opponent. Another great skill for this hero is called “Horrify”. When he cast it, the enemies won’t be able to cast their ultimate skill for about 3 seconds. Another one of his great skill is the “Mental Fury”. This makes his allies enrages, buffing them to regenerate 14 energy per second. Overall, he’s very strong AFK arena hero.


This hero from Lightbearer faction is another great tank option that you can choose from. His skill “Cripling Blow” can damage and stun all the enemies surrounding him. Another great skill of this guy is called “Sacrificial Shield” which basically rescues your other backline heroes when they are being hit by a fatal blow. He will absorb the damage intended for that hero for about 10 seconds, though he can only use this ability once per battle. Overall, he is one of the best tank in AFK arena.

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AFK Arena Tier List – Best S Tier Heroes


This hero is one of the AFK arena’s best attacker on early game. Even though he sacrifices his own health for his attack, he can regenerate it using his other skill. The only downside for this hero is the maximum level cap for a legendary which is 160.


He’s fragile and hard to use during the early game, but when you grow his level to 61 – 160, you’ll feel the usefulness of this hero. He can use the skill “Entangling Roots” that will entrap 2 to 3 of his opponents, which makes him a very good AFK arena crowd control hero. Like Saveas, his maximum level cap is 160.


One of the heroes we get frequently when trying our luck with free diamonds. We can say that he is also a good character in this game. He has the skill “Purification” which deals moderate damage and removes the buffs of his enemies. This hero can also use the “Confine” skill that locks his foe for 7 to 9 seconds, which can be useful, though, in this state, the enemy cannot be attacked.


This hero came from the faction of Graveborn. He’s quite useful in any situation because of his stun ability that can last for about 3 seconds. His damage output may not be the best but when the battle lasts longer, he can be deadly.


A hero from Wilders that can be a good or bad in some situations, because of his ability to pull the enemies towards him. Pulling too many enemies towards you can be a double edge sword, so to win in the battle while using him, you must plan your position carefully. Getting support from another hero is recommended.


This vampiric hero can be a great addition to your party if you are lacking a frontline character. When you increase his level to 60 – 160. He got a skill that can make him transform into bats for 7 seconds. In this state, he is immune to any kind of damage while also having the benefits of life steal when he struck his enemies. Another one of his great skill is called “Vitality” making each of his strikes restore 2 percent of his health. The only limitation of this hero is the level cap of Legendary.


A buffer hero from Wilders that can be really good during the late game. Her skill called “Awe” will automatically cast at the beginning of the battle. This buff will increase her party’s attack speed for a moment of time. Having this buff gives your team an advantage during the beginning of the battle.

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There may be other strong and skilled heroes in this game, but the one that we listed is undoubtedly the best one available. Now that you know this AFK arena Tier List of characters, you can invest your experience point to these heroes to make them stronger and useful in the game. If you have any questions, leave us a comment below.


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